Poor Credit History

Being turned down for a credit card can be frustrating, in this day and age though it’s not something to be embarrassed about as those with a chequered or nonexistent credit history are growing in numbers.

Because of the rise in numbers of people with the odd financial hiccup in the past certain credit card companies have realised the need to provide credit cards designed for those with a poor credit history, these credit cards can enable you to rebuild your credit history, a second chance credit card you might say.

Poor Credit History Credit Card

Higher interest rates are the norm for poor credit history credit cards, but by using these cards responsibly and paying off your balance each month or at least making sure the minimum payment is met will build your credit score eventually putting the lower interest rate mainstream cards within your applicational grasp.

Those with a poor credit history need not worry, there are companies who specialise in helping those with a history of bad credit repair the damage done to their credit records.

These poor credit cards are designed to help those with a less than perfect credit score due to bad history obtain credit again, typically those with a poor credit history are turned down straight away by the high street credit card companies, but apply for one of the credit cards designed for people with bad credit history and you will find it’s the opposite, these card companies actually want to give you a credit card, as such the application criteria is much easier to pass. In addition these bad credit credit card companies usually give a very quick answer.

Initial credit limits for those with bad credit history are not normally above £1000 to start with but manage your credit card account well and many will raise your credit limit after 4 months. Keep paying the payments on time each month and overtime your credit rating will improve.

Which Credit Card for Poor Credit History

The following credit cards are more suitable for people who have a poor credit history, these credit cards may be able to help repair your bad credit history. Typically by providing you make on time minimum payments and manage your credit card account correctly.

Aquis Visa Card Benefits

Vanquis Poor Credit Credit Card - Benefits